Interview with libeled journalist Cassandra Fairbanks’ attorney Robert Barnes

I interviewed Robert Barnes of Barnes Law Group June 7th about the upcoming libel suit against Fusion reporter Emma Roller in regards to her libeling Puerto Rican journalist by referring to her as a “white supremacist.” Emma’s tweet became the slur heard round the world when it was picked up by Independent in the UK and shared 40,000 times there as well as in Israel’s Ha’aretz. Most news sources are neglecting to mention the death threats and harassment and the story being publicized in major publications around the world to downplay it as a “frivolous” suit based on being offended by a tweet.

Check out the interview transcript here at Soundcloud. This will be incorporated in my coverage of the Cassandra Fairbanks case at the Inquisitr. Read the first article based on my interview with Cassandra.

Puerto Rican journalist Cassandra Fairbanks fights back against the slur heard round the world

Kek must have been smiling that day when Cassandra Fairbanks and Mike Cernovich were caught red handed, in fragrante delicto, as it were, showcasing (and from the White House press room no less) the latest covert white power hand signal… according to the trolls at 4chan anyway. And what exactly was the nefarious sign by which they subversively signaled their neo-nazi inclinations? The “ok” hand gesture. Mike Cernovich’s fortuitous appearance with Cassie might seem merely coincidental to the uninitiated in the ways of Meme Magic, but for the Egyptian god of random Chaos (often portrayed in his 21st century avatar of Pepe the Frog) nothing is merely coincidental.

Continue reading at The Inquisitr and check out the interview I did with her June 3, Cassandra’s first since the suit dropped, here.

Interview with activist-journalist Cassandra Fairbanks

This is a plasticscreen exclusive, the first interview with punk-rawk activist-journalist Cassandra Fairbanks. Cassandra was called a white supremacist for making the OK hand sign. One tweet turned into the slur heard round the world as it was covered in Independent UK and Ha’aretz Israel after senior Fusion reporter Emma Roller posted a picture of Mike Cernovich and Cassandra in the White House press room with the caption ” “Just two people doing a white power hand gesture in the White House.” Fusion editor stands behind Roller and will support her in the civil suit. They consider it “reporter intimidation.” Is injurious libel, the type that could ruin your life and career, and even earn you a footnote in history books forever as a possible neo-nazi, protected speech?


Check out my chat with my favorite Puerto Rican white supremacist here and stay tuned for further coverage from me here and at The Inquisitr.

Interview with parkour expert, life coach, Curron Gajadhar

curron gajadhar aspernaut to build a traceur parkour

curron gajadhar aspernaut to build a traceur parkour

Curron Gajadhar is an artist, parkour athlete, personal trainer and life coach as well as the founder of the method of movement (and accompanying philosophy for life) he calls “The Principles of Setae.” The Principles of Setae are based on the secret behind the gecko’s grip. The amazing adhesive ability of the gecko, by the way isn’t based on it’s own stickiness, rather a sort of electromagnetic bond called the Van Der Waals force that allows it to fuse on a molecular level.


I first interviewed him in San Diego while I was staying at the ITH Adventure Hostel for the website Gifts from Earth. Hopefully we’ll be doing a followup soon for GFE’s People Profiles section. Meantime, check out my initial interview with him. You can also follow To Build a Traceur at Facebook or catch him at his website


Laci Green takes the Red Pill

It all began innocently enough, Laci Green finally broke her YouTube radio silence of a few months around May 11. At the same time, the former host of MTV’s Braless announced the following to her Twitter followers.

“my intentions: open a dialogue. learn a thing. evaluate popular anti/SJ arguments based on science, logic. explore the matrix. eat pocky.”

The dialogue she was planning to open was with anti-feminist and anti-SJW (social justice warrior) YouTube channels. The Matrix name drop was a sly reference to the world of so-called “red pilled” men’s rights activists. Not unlike former feminist Cassie Jaye, Laci found that certain members of the feminist community took great offense to the idea of even considering, much less attempting to “see how the other half lives.”

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Shaman Claus

The origins of both medicine and religion have some similar roots. Many of them reach thousands of years back to Tengerian tradition of Shamanic myth, magic and medicine. The Tengerian Shamanic tradition of Siberia was also influential on the traditional Christmas celebration and the Santa Claus mythos connected to it, as we’ll see today.

Among these cultures are the northern Tungusic people, Lapps, Evenki and other Siberian tribes.  The Evenki were predominantly hunter-gatherers and reindeer herders as were most living in the harsh region. The Evenki people’s word “saman” meaning “one who knows the spirits” is the root of the word describing the “medicine man” type religious healer in pre-modern cultures.  An important part of the religious and healing ceremonies of the Tengerian Shamanic medicine man was the use of “fly agaric” the Amantis muscaria mushroom, better known colloquially as a “red-cap” or “toadstool.”
If you’ve seen pictures of giant red warty mushrooms in fairy tale drawings or little white spotted mushrooms in Byzantine art featuring Jesus then you’ve seen the amanitas mushroom. Interestingly enough, it’s not called a toadstool because toads are known to sit on it, rather because of a constituent that also happens to be found in “eyes of newts”(or Bufo Alvarius, the Sonoran Desert Toad) and other witchy sounding formulas.

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WKRN Nashville Kratom Scare Story Sourced From Scientology Propaganda

Nashville’s WKRN news team may be sticking their foot in their mouth after copying factually incorrect information from a group that acts as a front for Scientology. Narconon, not to be confused with the legitimate and well-respected self-help organization NarcAnon, was the source for their litany of side effects for kratom. Kratom is an herbal medicine that has become increasingly used for multiple conditions. Narconon, which is a front for the Church of Scientology, have themselves been implicated in multiple deaths at their supposed rehab centers. Of three recent deaths at the cult-connected rehabs, an attorney on the case stated that “he believed that … death could have been prevented if the staff would have placed her into medical detox.”

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