In Defense of Shatner: William Shatner under attack from misleading Salon and Gizmodo stories

William Shatner has come under attack by Salon and Gizmodo claiming he’s “alt-right.” These baseless claims reference some of his Twitter activity where for months he’s been embroiled in harassment, intimidation, and threats from an overly frenzied fanbase of Outlander viewers who think Caitrionia Balfe and Sam Heughen’s on-screen romance should extend to the real world. Months of attacks and a recent run in with SJWs while trying to support Autism charities could be a large part of the ire behind some of the recent “choice language” Shatner has used. Words as foul and unforgivable as “snowflake” and “misandry” for instance.

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Chaotic good: Pranksters at /pol/ Play Heroes for a Day

It seems the trolls at 4chan’s /pol/ have done their good deed for the week. The internet sleuths at the much-maligned message board managed to track down an animal abuser with help from a video uploaded of the incident. What started as an incident of road rage became a vicious animal killing. A fight in the street ended after one punch when Marc Dionne realized he was in over his head, he is seen in the video to run towards the window of the car.

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Tentative win for kratom in Tennessee

Issue of Kratom Legality in Tennessee Successfully Challenged by Christopher Miller

In a tentative win for kratom legality in Tennessee, Christopher Miller had his case retired by the DA. The story had gained a good bit of publicity after reddit commenters urged users to write in to the stations who were falsely referring to kratom as an opiate and a synthetic. Kratom, of course, is a botanical from the coffee family that has been safely used for hundreds of years as a folk medicine in Southeast Asia. It recently faced a ban via DEA scheduling, but in a literally unprecedented back-down the Drug Enforcement Agency was forced to yield to public comment, bipartisan support in both houses, expert opinion of biochemists, ethnobotanists, pharmacologists and even a world renowned drug addiction specialist at Johns Hopkins University, the ban did not go through. The first time the DEA has done such in their history.

This is not the first kratom case thrown out in Tennessee. Sarah Carpenter of Knoxville and David Bean  in Nashville were represented by lawyer Robert Vaughn. In these two prior cases, as with that of Christopher Miller, the cases were thrown out (one nullified, one dismissed and Christopher Miller’s case retired). The Tennessee law that is believed to apply to kratom is actually a synthetics bill according to the title and the language in the body of the bill.

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Ketamine clinics show promise for treatment-resistant depression

From cat tranquilizer to party drug to novel antidepressant, ketamine has come a long way in the past 55 years. Originally developed as an affordable and effective anesthetic, it has recently become the latest line of defense for treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD and even nerve-related pain disorders like fibromyalgia or neuropathy. In most cases, the treatment is offered in the form of infusion supervised by clinical coordinators and/or medical doctors. Currently, the treatment is considered an off-label use, meaning that it hasn’t been specifically approved by the FDA for these conditions but due to overall safety and effectiveness after multiple research studies and anecdotal evidence from ketamine clinic patients, the practice is slowly becoming more mainstream.

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CNN doxing sparks Meme War II

In the past week alone, CNN has moved from simply reporting the headlines to becoming headlines themselves. There was the Russia story gone bad that led to three journalists’ termination, Acosta accosting the president for a “fake news conference” in Poland, some very well or very ill-timed exposé videos from Project Veritas, to the doxxing incident of a Reddit user who provided the gif that gave CNN a “get out of news free card” for nearly 72 full hours. Some argue that the doxxing was possibly coercion on the part of the news network which would be a civil case, others have pointed to a law in 18 USC regarding hindering a person’s first amendment right to free speech and expression through threats. Regardless of the legal ramifications, #CNNBLACKMAIL eventually made it to the second trending tag on Twitter. Slate questioned the wisdom and ethics behind the move to keep him anonymous. Other sources also noted the questionable behavior and the backlash that it spawned. The Redditor, who allegedly made a racist post while “trolling” the forum, had apologized and promised not to repeat the behavior and deleted his previous posts before the CNN story ran. The initial report by Andrew Kaczynski ends with a caveat that “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.”

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Stray from the Path advocates Antifa violence in ‘Good night, Alt-Right’ music video

When the hubbub about the staged stage rushing of Shakespeare in the park broke, I just scoffed. Julius Caesar is a play in which assassination of the head of state led to the fall of the Roman Republic, so the idea that the play was inciting violence against the president was fairly laughable. The equally ridiculous idea that a humorous gif repurposed from an old WWE clip was a sign that President Trump was inciting violence against reporters evoked chuckles. However, when Long Island nu-metal group Stray from the Path released the music video for “Good night alt-right,” there was only one way to construe the message being proffered.

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Cassandra Fairbanks fights back against the slur heard round the world

Cassandra Fairbanks, the slur heard round the world and the complicity of crimes of omission

There’s a dearth of info on the recent (possibly historical) civil suit announced only days ago regarding activist-journalist Cassandra Trump who was accused of sending coded white power symbols. And from the White House press room, no less! Surely a scandalous and sensational enough story that the tweet from former NYT writer and current senior reporter at Fusion was almost instantly spun into an article at the Independent UK.

The Independent is a bastion of respected international journalism, somehow despite such recent clickbaity headline stretches as the April 29th article alleging that Donald Trump may be in the Illuminati as evidenced by his use of the “OK” hand symbol. In fact, that was the same day that Emma Roller tweeted a picture of Mike Cernovich and Cassandra Fairbanks flashing the “OK” hand gesture with the caption “Just two people making a white power hand gesture in the White House.”

The suit, which was picked up pro bono by Barnes Law, is sure to fail unless they can prove Emma Roller acted with malice and “knowingly and recklessly” persisted in her slanderous dissemination of disinformation. Considering the fact that the very next day, the ADL published an article entitled (as if it could be any clearer), “No, the ‘OK’ gesture is not a hate symbol.” This article was made known to Emma but she still refused to delete her tweet “until the eve of the suit” as the complaint asserts.

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