CNN doxing sparks Meme War II

In the past week alone, CNN has moved from simply reporting the headlines to becoming headlines themselves. There was the Russia story gone bad that led to three journalists’ termination, Acosta accosting the president for a “fake news conference” in Poland, some very well or very ill-timed exposé videos from Project Veritas, to the doxxing incident of a Reddit user who provided the gif that gave CNN a “get out of news free card” for nearly 72 full hours. Some argue that the doxxing was possibly coercion on the part of the news network which would be a civil case, others have pointed to a law in 18 USC regarding hindering a person’s first amendment right to free speech and expression through threats. Regardless of the legal ramifications, #CNNBLACKMAIL eventually made it to the second trending tag on Twitter. Slate questioned the wisdom and ethics behind the move to keep him anonymous. Other sources also noted the questionable behavior and the backlash that it spawned. The Redditor, who allegedly made a racist post while “trolling” the forum, had apologized and promised not to repeat the behavior and deleted his previous posts before the CNN story ran. The initial report by Andrew Kaczynski ends with a caveat that “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.”

Read more at the Inquisitr.

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