Interview with libeled journalist Cassandra Fairbanks’ attorney Robert Barnes

I interviewed Robert Barnes of Barnes Law Group June 7th about the upcoming libel suit against Fusion reporter Emma Roller in regards to her libeling Puerto Rican journalist by referring to her as a “white supremacist.” Emma’s tweet became the slur heard round the world when it was picked up by Independent in the UK and shared 40,000 times there as well as in Israel’s Ha’aretz. Most news sources are neglecting to mention the death threats and harassment and the story being publicized in major publications around the world to downplay it as a “frivolous” suit based on being offended by a tweet.

Check out the interview transcript here at Soundcloud. This will be incorporated in my coverage of the Cassandra Fairbanks case at the Inquisitr. Read the first article based on my interview with Cassandra.

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