Puerto Rican journalist Cassandra Fairbanks fights back against the slur heard round the world

Kek must have been smiling that day when Cassandra Fairbanks and Mike Cernovich were caught red handed, in fragrante delicto, as it were, showcasing (and from the White House press room no less) the latest covert white power hand signal… according to the trolls at 4chan anyway. And what exactly was the nefarious sign by which they subversively signaled their neo-nazi inclinations? The “ok” hand gesture. Mike Cernovich’s fortuitous appearance with Cassie might seem merely coincidental to the uninitiated in the ways of Meme Magic, but for the Egyptian god of random Chaos (often portrayed in his 21st century avatar of Pepe the Frog) nothing is merely coincidental.

Continue reading at The Inquisitr and check out the interview I did with her June 3, Cassandra’s first since the suit dropped, here.

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