Interview with activist-journalist Cassandra Fairbanks

This is a plasticscreen exclusive, the first interview with punk-rawk activist-journalist Cassandra Fairbanks. Cassandra was called a white supremacist for making the OK hand sign. One tweet turned into the slur heard round the world as it was covered in Independent UK and Ha’aretz Israel after senior Fusion reporter Emma Roller posted a picture of Mike Cernovich and Cassandra in the White House press room with the caption ” “Just two people doing a white power hand gesture in the White House.” Fusion editor stands behind Roller and will support her in the civil suit. They consider it “reporter intimidation.” Is injurious libel, the type that could ruin your life and career, and even earn you a footnote in history books forever as a possible neo-nazi, protected speech?


Check out my chat with my favorite Puerto Rican white supremacist here and stay tuned for further coverage from me here and at The Inquisitr.

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