Daily Show reunion after Colbert Controversy


DAILY SHOW REUNION (for The Inquisitr, May 11, 2017)


“I’m not comfortable,” Jon Stewart said during his turn on the hot seat with Colbert. “I’ll tell you why. I’ve been reading about you, I’ve been seeing you in the news. You have a potty mouth.” It seems like the tiniest bit of deflection here considering the issue most people had, and the reason an FCC investigation may be launched was due to the homophobic nature of the comments at the climax of the monologue.

“Why do we hold comedians to a standard we won’t hold our leaders to?”

The official YouTube channel of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert refers to this in the video title as “ribbing” on the part of the former Daily Show host. “Stephen’s former boss comes by to catch up on current events, and says he’s pretty sure comedians and Presidents shouldn’t be held to the same standards of conduct.”

Read more at The Inquisitr.

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