Brown Acid, The 4th Trip review at New Noise magazine

Brown Acid
The Fourth Trip
(RidingEasy Records)

I promise I will try not to make this about me as much as possible, but as any psychonaut can tell you a trip will always be intensely subjective and personal. With a harrowing journey adventuring in Portland fresh on my mind (and blistered feet) I seemed to take on the baggage of my current “set and setting,” to borrow some jargon from Dr. Leary, while I dosed the most recent in RidingEasy Records’ compilation of rare garage psych from the hippie era. This specimen in particular is The Fourth Trip, and as far as recommendations go, I would advise the reader to forego the ominous warning from Woodstock. Go ahead and take the brown acid, especially if you like to freak out.

This compilation album starts out hard and heavy with Kanaan’s “Leave It.” Hard hitting and driving tune that sets the stage for the symphony of hard rock to come. Next up is Stone Garden’s with “Oceans Inside Me.” This tasty deep cut is definitely a ruby amongst diamonds in the rough. A sort of sinister Syd Barrett-esque freak out psychedelia with just a tinge more of the heavily ominous in it’s air. This album is definitely suited for work out routines, hiking, cycling or late night drives or long road trips. A sonic time capsule perfectly outfitted to enliven any smoking session, as well as it’s release date the 20th of April suggests.

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