The first time I was homeless, it was entirely on purpose. As a sort of “social experiment.” That’s what I got for taking Kerouac too seriously.

Escape from the real world: Homeless 101

Nobody ever says, I want to be a starving artist when I grow up. In the public
school system, future doctors, lawyers and other servants of the corporate class receive
their education. Social education, the rules for how to properly walk in order to escape
abuse from your peers comes from television.

But what happens when you’re more interested in learning than in education?
What happens when you’re too friendly to learn the poses that allow you to be social?
You become a nobody. That’s what happened to us. Being a nobody isn’t that bad
though. It’s the only way we’re allowed to be starving artists.

We were the ones persecuted in school. We were the ones who questioned the
doctrines in school. We were the ones who ruined the movie because it was obvious how
it was going to end.

I read comic books idolizing Peter Parker, the nerd; bullied and isolated. I was
home-schooled until fifth grade. I was an outcast, understanding abstract concepts but
finding simple social situations baffling.

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