B-17: The wacky adventures of a 17-year old sex slave, feature/interview with i-cubed hypermedia

This Month in The Wayward Word Well Philip Fairbanks reviews
a Youtube.com episodic film!  Support Independent artists and
take the time to see B-17!

Forced Labor Bop
Philip Fairbanks

   I remember the first time I watched Blue Velvet. I was shocked. Then one day I watched Pink Flamingoes. Again I was left reeling. The previous works share few commonalities in them or style, but there are two striking similarities: both have colors in the title and both have the aim of launching an all-out assault on the viewers’ sensibilities.

While searching the Shibuya-kei genre of music on Youtube I saw a trailer listed for an episodic work called B-17. One of the tags mentioned Shibuya-kei so I checked it out. I didn’t know what was going on but I found a work that was as twisted and dark as the perverse security state it parodies. It was not a work of art. Not a fine film. It was an alarm clock time bomb.

The entire film is available on Youtube.com and can be found at
www.youtube.com/bseventeen. Read the full Wayword Word Well feature at i-cubed hypermedia.

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